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Recommended books for science independent reading

2023 List

Professional Reading for Teachers

 Readicide by Kelly Gallagher 

Reading is dying in our schools. Educators are familiar with many of the factors that have contributed to the decline—poverty, second-language issues, and the ever-expanding choices of electronic entertainment. This provocative book suggests it is time to recognize a new and significant contributor to the death of reading: our schools.

 Book Love by Penny Kittle

A guide to reducing student apathy towards reading and books providing strategies to increase volume, capacity, and complexity, to help students deepen their thinking. 

 Do I Really Have to Teach Reading by Cris Tovani

This book takes on the challenge of helping students apply reading comprehension strategies in any subject. The author shows how teachers can expand on their content expertise to provide the instruction students need to understand specific technical and narrative texts.

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